About Us

Established in 2013, Xpert Cubes has grown in the Legal Sector
Initially we focused primarily on Microsoft technology and have now developed a broad range of consulting services across a range of data, BI and analytics technologies.

At Xpert Cubes we work hard to form strong relationships with our clients based on trust, competence and flexibility
Our experience stems from the big 4 consulting firms with strong technical skills and many testimonials from happy clients and project them members.
We have a mature and collaborative approach to understanding your requirements and have the confidence of our exiting clients to deliver a range of solutions in a market we understand. We champion diversity, collaboration, integrity and openness in an environment where every voice is heard and appreciated.

We are constantly self evaluating and looking for ways to improve
The small 1-5% improvements may not seem much but this is exactly the feedback we are looking for to help us set our weekly and quarterly targets.

Please let us know if you have any feedback, we may send you some goodies in the post if you do!

How we work:
Our Approach is Agile & Sprint based
In other words we consult with our product owners to form our backlog of work, ensuring the user story’s are sufficiently detailed and thus Sprint ready.
We then prioritise and planned fortnightly into our Sprint planning sessions, with our product owners and often business users. Subsequently and after each Sprint we hold retrospectives, where we assess what we did well and where we could improve, to help increase subsequent Sprint velocity. In our experience the Agile methodology has helped focus on delivery and business benefit.

However we are also of the opinion that for certain work, where significant planning and preparation is required upfront, for this a waterfall model is the most appropriate.
Aderant Expert 7.5

Aderant v8.0 Classic & Framework

Microsoft BI
SQL server Database Management System

Carpe Diem Time recording


SAP Business Objects

Hadoop Big Data

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